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US out of Europe

28 August 2009

And Afghanistan, and Iraq, too!

Jacob Hornberger’s latest essay points out the madness of continuing to have the world’s most expensive military.

“If the Pentagon withdrew from the Middle East, military officials know that people might well ask, Why stop there? Why not withdraw from Europe? After all, the Cold War ended long ago. Why not withdraw from Japan? It surrendered soon after the atomic bombs were dropped. Why not withdraw from Korea? The war there ended decades ago. Why not withdraw from Africa? What business do the troops have there?”

We join Bumper in calling for an end to the war on drugs, the wars in Latin America to fight against drugs that are in demand in the USA. We join Bumper in calling for an end to the wars in the Middle East, used to prop up the authoritarian regime in Israel, create terrorists, and justify an ever larger military. We join his call for an end to the occupation of Europe – the second world war has been over for decades.

Most of all we agree with his contention: “The fact is that despite deeply seeded fears and anxieties that the federal government has succeeded in engendering within the psyches of the American people, there is no nation on earth that has the military capability of invading and occupying the United States. To cross either the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans with an invasion force would require tens of thousands of ships and planes, a capability that is nonexistent among all foreign nations.”

Moreover, the answer to such a capability is not a standing army, but a well armed people. As Yamamoto said, “I would never invade the United States. There would be a gun behind every blade of grass.”

The military is a scam, and the people in the military are evil. The defense contractors sell the death of children in foreign countries to a military that is eager to use their bombs and guns to slaughter those children.

The time to divest from death is now. Today. Not next week. Not some day.

Sell your death stocks now.