Mother Jones on Raytheon’s Biggest Tool

27 August 2009 by

In the war for more money from war, Raytheon has a big DoD asset: William J. Lynn. Mother Jones has the story here:

Brief excerpt:

“William J. Lynn III is, after Gates, the most powerful person in the Defense Department, responsible for managing the entire building, including weapons acquisitions. His opposition to reform is well documented. During the Clinton administration, he rose to be the Pentagon’s comptroller, in charge of a system that was completely unable to account for the hundreds of billions it spent every year. Faced with this mess, Lynn’s major contribution during his tenure was to block fiscal accountability rather than promote it. In public testimony to a federal accounting board, Lynn requested that the Pentagon be exempted from a crucial part of the Chief Financial Officers’ Act of 1990, a reform requiring all federal departments to comply with accepted financial integrity standards. The board granted his wish. Next, he advocated for a notorious bill-paying system referred to by critics as “pay and chase” under which the Pentagon hands a contractor a quick payout for bills and later tries to figure out what the money was for. Today’s financial chaos and lack of accountability at the DOD stem in part from Lynn’s handiwork.

“After Lynn left the Pentagon, he accepted a plush position in 2003 as chief lobbyist for Raytheon, the DOD’s fifth-largest defense contractor. Lynn spent the next five years pushing Raytheon moneymakers such as computers for the F-22 and the electronics for the Navy’s preposterously overpriced Zumwalt destroyer.”

You should read all about it at the Mother Jones web site link above.


Profiting from the Israeli War Machine

25 August 2009 by

If I treated my dog as viciously as Israel treats the Palestinians, I’d be thrown into prison. And rightly so. For this is a government that regularly bombs civilian neighborhoods, steals water resources, and blocks basic humanitarian goods—things like pasta, school notebooks, and hearing aids—from entering the Gaza Strip.

All this death and destruction is made possible by numerous American corporations. Most of the usual suspects are to blame. For instance, Boeing (NYSE: BA), Raytheon (RTN), and Lockheed Martin (LMT) have long provided Israel with bombs, missiles, fighter jets, and attack helicopters. But there are many other American companies, some which you’d least expect, that also profit from the Israeli War Machine.

For example, there’s Motorola (MOT). Yes, you heard me right Motorola, maker of all those nifty little gadgets for your cell phones. Motorola, it turns out, also makes fuses for bombs. Those cluster bombs which Israel indiscriminately dropped in Lebanon in 2006 (many of which continue killing Lebanese children)—made with Motorola fuses. And those bombs it dropped throughout Gaza during Operation Cast Lead—also made with Motorola fuses.

But more than just making bomb fuses, Motorola, which once supplied South Africa’s apartheid government with mobile radios, supplies Israel’s military with a state-of-the-art communications system. And just as South Africa’s police used their radios to “suppress demonstration against the government,” Israeli soldiers are currently using their fancy “Mountain Rose” system to suppress the nonviolent demonstrations in Bil’in. (Bil’in, in case you don’t know, is a small Palestinian village where activists regularly protest the construction of the Separation Wall.)

Caterpillar (CAT) also profits from Israeli death and destruction. For years now the Israeli army has used [.pdf] Caterpillar bulldozers in its major military operations. A bulldozer, you see, is the perfect weapon for leveling Palestinian orchards and homes. It also comes in handy if you ever need to mow down a peace activist. It was with a Caterpillar D9R armored bulldozer, you might remember, that the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) killed American Rachel Corrie in 2003 while she tried to stop a Palestinian home from being destroyed.

For several years now, and especially since Corrie’s death, numerous human rights organizations have petitioned Caterpillar to stop selling this equipment to Israel. Not surprisingly, Caterpillar has refused, claiming that it has “neither the legal right nor the means to police individual use of that equipment.” What this really means, of course, is that it has neither the will nor decency to stop doing business with what very well might be its most lucrative client.

Next on the list is Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), followed by Ingersoll Rand (IR) and L-3 Communications (LLL). Hewlett-Packard’s subsidiary EDS-Israel built and continues to maintain biometric access control systems at several Israeli checkpoints, while the latter two companies have worked on various components for the systems. (See here for more about Ingersoll Rand, here for L-3 Communications.) Israel claims that it needs this technology to keep terrorists out, but the truth is that it’s been keeping all sorts of people out—including patients needing urgent medical care and law-abiding individuals trying to be reunited with their spouses.

Israel has even prevented many Palestinians who’ve been traveling abroad from returning to their homes in the Occupied Territories. And why, you might be wondering, would it do that? Because it seems to believes that all the land between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea belongs to it. Thus, it continues building settlements in the West Bank. Bad news if you’re an Arab. Not such bad news if you’re a RE/MAX broker selling one of the many beautiful properties available in Occupied East Jerusalem. (RE/MAX is not publicly traded).

Other US companies that profit from the settlements include Celcom (CEL), Cemex (CX), General Mills (GIS), Unilever (UN), and Veolia Environnement (VE). For a complete list, see WhoProfits.Org.

Divest from death, Invest in Steak!

23 August 2009 by

There are literally thousands of publicly traded companies in the U.S. (well over 10,000 if you include OTC and Pink Sheet companies), not to mention the many other markets all over the world, each containing hundreds or thousands of companies as well. Every one of which is a potential investment, each with its own risks and possible rewards. Each company with its own story, history, people, products, and/or services. Sadly many of these companies are in one way or another engaged in the business of death. But happily for us many are not.

You do not need to look too far to find companies who are going about their business in an honest and peaceful way, not making money off of war or government contracts of any kind. I for one don’t want my money being used to slaughter innocent men, women, and children, nor do I want it used in anyway what-so-ever by any organization which slaughters men, women, and children. If you invest in something you will get more of it. It follows that investing in government will bring you more government. We know from both current events and 10,000 years of human history that more government means more war. And, of course, more war means more death.

Therefore, Investing in government contractors = investing in death. It really is that simple. I don’t want the money in my pocket (or my portfolio) stained with the blood of innocents, nor should you. I’m going to be singling out a few companies here on Divest from Death who not only go about their business in a peaceful and moral way, but are also companies that I believe may make good investments.

Of course the usual disclaimers apply: Investing in securities always entails risk. You can lose money. You have a fiduciary duty to yourself and those who depend on you to always do your own due diligence before investing in anything. etc, etc, etc, and so on, and so forth… in other words: don’t blame me if you lose your shirt.

Steak n Shake Logo

Steak n Shake

Now down to business. While I am completely against investing in the slaughter of human beings (as any decent humanitarian should be), I have no problem investing in a company which serves up the delicious fried meat of slaughtered cows on fresh buns. Therefore I’m writing this, my first Divest from Death article, about one of my favorite companies The Steak ‘n Shake Company (SNS). And more precisely about one of my favorite asset allocators, Steak ‘n Shake’s Chairman and CEO, Sardar Biglari.

Sardar Biglari first came to my attention a few years back in 2006 when at only 28 years of age he used his hedge fund (The Lion Fund) to take over the struggling restaurant chain Western Sizzlin’ (NASDAQ: WEST) and proceeded to turn the company around and transform it into a holding company. To gain control of WEST he used his hedge fund to purchase a large number of shares then asked for two seats on the board of directors. Within a few months he was named Chairman and his associate Philip Cooley was named Vice Chairman. In this house cleaning process 7 old board members resigned and one additional member aligned with Biglari was added. At this point having complete control of the board and being the company’s largest shareholder he started transforming WEST into a shareholder friendly organization, reducing expenses, reducing inefficiencies, and using its cash flow to invest in other companies. Investing the company’s cash in wherever the greatest return on invested capital could be found. He laid out his plans in his excellent must-read letter to shareholders that year. His letters are always excellent reads and I’d recommend them to anyone just for educational purposes alone even if you have no intention of investing.

His first major investment with WEST was Friendly’s Restaurants. I won’t go into the whole story here only because it has been covered elsewhere so well, even becoming the subject of a case study done by the Harvard Business school. To summarize it briefly, Friendly’s was a poorly managed restaurant chain with a strong brand run by a bunch of crooks. Biglari purchased 7% of Friendly’s shares then demanded two seats on the board of directors (the same modus operandi he used to gain control of WEST), which was refused by the board. He then brought his fight to the shareholders, setting up a website, sending letters to its shareholders detailing the current mismanagement as well as how things could be set right. Even buying billboard advertisements in Massachusetts where most Friendly’s shareholders were located. Then prepared for a proxy battle to win the two board seats he requested. At this point the board got nervous. Seeing the writing on the wall and knowing they were going to lose the proxy fight, they found a buyer for the company. A private equity firm who paid more than double for Friendly’s than WEST had paid for its shares. This doubled WEST‘s cash in a matter of months and allowed it to go after bigger fish.

Enhance SNS Billboard

Enhance SNS Billboard

His next big target was Steak ‘n Shake. As he’d done twice before Biglari started buying shares in the troubled Steak ‘n Shake Company (NYSE:SNS) in the summer of 2007 and by the end of the year he and a coalition consisting of the Lion Fund, Western Sizzlin’, and other associates and supporters of his which controlled more than 10% of SNS shares. He then proceeded to use the formula that had worked twice before. He demanded two board seats, was refused, engaged in a proxy battle where he setup, put up billboards in Indianapolis (see billboard picture), sent letters to the shareholders and, this time, as with WEST, he won. The SNS shareholders were sick of the mismanagement of their company and voted overwhelmingly to put him and his associate Phil Cooley on the board. With the shareholders behind him, it was only a matter of weeks before he was named Chairman and months before he was made CEO. This was accompanied by a number of resignations of all the people who needed to go.

Biglari has only been in control of SNS for about a year, yet he has turned the company around significantly. It is no longer drowning in debt, in trouble with its creditors, or pursuing a destructive growth at any cost strategy. Rather it is now profitable, is paying down its debt, has a good relationship with its creditors, has shut down underperforming stores, has simplified its menu (going back to its roots focusing on steak burgers and milk shakes), has redone the interior of its company owned stores, and is starting to regain the trust of its franchisees.

This all, of course, left Sardar Biglari as the Chairman and CEO of two public companies. A situation that is being resolved by the recent announcements that SNS is being reorganized into a holding company and is acquiring Western Sizzlin’.

Other investments owned by Western Sizzlin’ are a 9% stake in ITEX Corporation (OTC: ITEX) which is a business to business bartering company. The libertarian in me has a soft spot for any business which allows people to exchange value for value while bypassing the fiat currency of the state. Biglari is a long time user of ITEX and likes the business as well. This is just speculation on my part, but I think we will see SNS acquire more (or even all) of ITEX in the future. WEST also owns 51% of Mustang Capital, an investment partnership run by John Linnartz. And finally, Western Properties, who’s only holding so far, is a 23 acre parcel of commercial real estate in Texas. This presentation has a good block diagram of Western Sizzlin’ and its holdings, which will all be under Steak ‘n Shake after the acquisition.

I believe at only 31 years old Biglari’s story is just getting started. I’ve been impressed with what he has achieved so far and have a good amount of my portfolio invested with him. As for morality, not only has he not, so far, invested in any government contractor, but I have found him to be one of the most honest and loyal (to his partners and shareholders) people I’ve seen on Wall Street. He talks about making money “with his shareholders and not off of them”, and unlike most on Wall Street, I think he’s one of the rare few who actually means it.

I suggest that anyone who is interested start by reading his letters to shareholders:

WEST 2005 letter to shareholders
WEST 2006 letter to shareholders
WEST 2007 letter to shareholders
SNS 2008 letter to shareholders

And of course, all of the financial reports from both WEST and SNS.

Two financial blogs I like which cover WEST/SNS are:

RAGNAR IS A PIRATE (Jeff Moore from Ragnar is a Pirate leans heavily libertarian)

Steak Burger

Steak Burger

So in closing: Divest from death, invest in steak!

Disclaimer: Eric currently owns both WEST and SNS and did own Friendly’s when it was still a public company. He owns no ITEX other than what he owns beneficially through WEST. This is for informational purposes only and not a recommendation to buy or sell any security. As always, you must do your own due diligence before making any investments.

Checked out and approved

23 August 2009 by

Eric Pavao is still working on his first essay for this blog.

Meanwhile, I wanted to post his comment from the Facebook note that started this project back in June.

“My personal line is that I don’t know of any government contracts or reliance on government of any kind by the company. And, after I’ve done my due diligence on my potential investment, if I am still comfortable investing (and I still want to invest) I do. Sure it isn’t fool proof. For instance I’ve seen people in military uniforms in line at a chain restaurant that I own shares in, but nothing is 100% and this restaurant doesn’t have any contracts with any government agency. I will not invest in a company that contracts with government for any reason, like say Raytheon or Lockheed Martin. Some companies like shoe manufacturers aren’t as clear cut, but if you must invest in a shoe manufacturer, why not invest in a one that doesn’t supply the military rather than one that does?”

Here are the stocks he mentioned.


These are apparently companies he has checked out to be sure they aren’t defense contractors.

Obviously, if you find any information on any of these companies to indicate they are government contractors, please let us know in the comments section. Thanks!

If you know of other companies that are not gov’t contractors, please feel free to comment. We are only listing publicly traded companies at this time because of the concern about liquidity – the main reason to invest in a publicly traded stock is the ability to cash out quickly if things go awry.

I’ve taken the liberty of alphabetising his list.

Divest from Death does not recommend any of these stocks. We do not have any positions in these stocks as a group. (We don’t have any money as a group.) Eric Pavao has positions in these stocks.

The information here is simply that these stocks are not baby killing death merchants selling death machines to the military, as far as we know.

After Downing Street lists war criminals

21 August 2009 by

Here is the article:

They list the top 50 USA-based war criminals.

Here are their names, some of the businesses they work for, and addresses as included at the AfterDowningStreet site.

Please divest from the companies they work for, or boycott them.

Feel free to harass these people if it suits your mood. Egging their homes, keying their cards, the burning poo in a bag trick. If it is a wood house, maybe it would burn. They certainly burned a lot of family homes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Call them baby killers.

Several of them have been arrested by citizens. Don’t forget your taser.

    1. John Yoo: Professor of Law at Boalt Hall School of Law in Berkeley, California, with house at 1241 Grizzly Peak Blvd., Berkeley. Yoo claimed in 2005 that a president has the right to enhance an interrogation by crushing the testicles of someone’s child.

    2. Robert J. Delahunty, Yoo colleague, should be disbarred in NY, is now a tenured professor at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN.

    3. Patrick F. Philbin, Yoo colleague, Deputy, should be disbarred in D.C. and MA

    4. Jay Bybee: federal judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, headquartered in San Francisco, California (but Bybee based in Las Vegas)

    5. William J. “Jim” Haynes, II: was General Counsel to the Department of War (“Defense”). He is now Chief Corporate Counsel at the Chevron Corporate Office in San Ramon, California. Works at Chevron Headquarters, 6001 Bollinger Canyon Road, San Ramon, CA 94583. Member of bar in GA, NC, DC.

    6. Major General (Ret.) Michael E. Dunlavey, (now Judge, Erie County Court, Common Pleas, Erie, PA

    7. Diane Beaver, top military lawyer at Gitmo

    8. Jack Landman Goldsmith, III, [the illegal transfer memo in March 2004], DoD General Counsel’s Office at Pentagon

    9. Ms. Eliana Davidson, International Law Division, Office of the General Counsel, Office of the Secretary of “Defense”

    10. Colin Powell: strategic limited partner with Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm

    11. Henry Kissinger: lives in Kent, Connecticut, and works at Kissinger Associates, 350 Park Avenue, New York, N.Y.

    12. Nicholas E. Calio: Citigroup’s Executive Vice-President for Global Government Affairs served as a member of the White House Iraq Group (WHIG)

    13. Michael Mukasey: works in New York, N.Y.

    14. George W. Bush: lives at 10141 Daria Place, Dallas, Texas. His crimes are described at

    15. Karen Hughes: lives in Austin, Texas,

    16. Paul Bremmer lives in Chester, Vermont

    17. Dick Cheney: The former vice president lives nextdoor to CIA headquarters at 1126 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, Va. His crimes are documented at

    18. John Rizzo: The General Counsel for the CIA (then and now) works nextdoor to Dick Cheney’s house at the headquarters of the CIA in McLean, Va.

    19. Robert Eatinger, CIA lawyer

    20. Steven Hermes, CIA’s National Clandestine Service (NCS)

    21. Paul Kelbaugh, Deputy Legal Counsel, CTC, CIA

    22. Steven Bradbury: also of McLean, Va.,

    23. David Addington Lives at 103 W Maple Street, Alexandria, VA 22301-2605

    24. Condoleezza Rice In March 2009, Rice returned to Stanford University

    25. Donald Rumsfeld: lives in Washington, D.C., and at former slave-beating plantation “Mount Misery” on Maryland’s Eastern Shore near St. Michael’s and a home belonging to Dick Cheney, as well as at an estate outside Taos, New Mexico.

    26. George Tenet: Distinguished Professor in the Practice of Diplomacy at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

    27. John Ashcroft: has his own lobbying company through which to profit from his government connections: The Ashcroft Group, LLC, 1399 New York Avenue, N.W., Suite 950, Washington, DC 20005, Phone: 202.942.0202, Fax: 202.942.0216,

    28. Alberto Gonzales Gonzo now has a job at Texas Tech, but not teaching law. .

    29. Paul Wolfowitz: lives in Chevey Chase, Maryland, and is a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C.

    30. Doug Feith: serves on the faculty of the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., as a Professor and Distinguished Practitioner in National Security Policy Also works at Hudson Institute, 1015 15th Street, N.W., 6th Floor, Washington, DC 20005.

    31. Elliot Abrams: served as Deputy National Security Advisor for Global Democracy Strategy in Washington, D.C.

    32. Karl Rove: owns million dollar houses in Washington, D.C., and Florida, and works for Fox News, Newsweek, and the Wall Street Journal (According to Star80 at DemocraticUnderground, Rove “can be found stuffing his fat pasty little face with crab meat at Cafe 30A in Santa Rosa Beach FL: – 3899 East County Highway 30A Santa Rosa Beach FL 32459.”)

    33. I. Lewis Libby: lives in McLean, Virginia, and has been disbarred in Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania

    34. Mary Matalin: married to James Carville, both of them addicted to Washington, D.C.

    35. Stephen Hadley

    36. James R. Wilkinson

    37. John Bolton: lives in Bethesda, Maryland, is a member of a Lutheran Church, works for the law firm Kirkland and Ellis LLP, 655 Fifteenth Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20005-5793, T: +1 202-879-5000, F: +1 202-879-5200, is associated with the American Enterprise Institute, Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, Institute of East-West Dynamics, National Rifle Association, US Commission on International Religious Freedom, and the Council for National Policy

    38. Michael Chertoff: works in Washington, D.C. Some of his crimes are detailed at

    39. Timothy Flanigan: works in Washington, D.C. Some of his crimes are detailed at

    40. Alice Fisher: works in Washington, D.C. Some of her crimes are detailed at

    41. John Bellinger works in Washington, D.C. His crimes are listed at War Criminals Watch.

    42. John Negroponte works in Washington, D.C. His crimes are listed at War Criminals Watch.

    43. Jonathan Fredman was a top torture lawyer under John Rizzo at the CIA: details.

    44. Scott Muller was general counsel at the CIA: details.

    45. Kyle D. “Dusty” Foggo was instrumental in setting up illegal secret prisons.

    46. Andrew Card works in Omaha, NE. His crimes are listed at War Criminals Watch.

    47. Stanley McChrystal has been promoted as reward for his war crimes.

    48. James Mitchell

    49. Tommy Franks: His crimes are listed at War Criminals Watch.

    50. Michael Hayden: His crimes are listed at War Criminals Watch.

    Heck, let’s make it a full deck of 52, by including Bruce Jessen mentioned above and Erik Prince of Blackwater.

Death Sellers

18 August 2009 by

These companies sell death. We believe they sell the capability to slaughter children in foreign countries to the United States government. We ask that you divest from them. We have identified their stock symbols and the markets on which they are traded. As we get more information, we expect to indicate mutual funds and 401K management companies that invest in these stocks, so you can divest from those, as well.

End the wars, divest from death.

For purposes of this listing, the word corporation or incorporated has been replaced with “corpse,” the word “public” has been replaced with “pubic” and the term “death deals” refers to contracts with the baby killers at the United States department of defense, including any branch of the military. Figures have been rounded up or down to the nearest tenth of a billion.

Lockheed Martin Corpse $27.3 billion in 2007 death deals. New York Stock Exchange symbol LMT. Total worldwide sales of death by government $43 billion in 2008 making them the worst vermin in the world in terms of dollar sales of massacre machines. They made profits of $5 billion on the deaths of children. The names of their blood-soaked senior executives including detailed pages on some are available here:

Boeing Corpse $20.9 billion in 2007 death deals. New York Stock Exchange and Dow Jones Industrial Average component, symbol BA. Revenues dealing in death for 2008, $61 billion. Net income, including profits from death, $2.7 billion. Senior executives and facts and figures on how much they profit from death (and how much from building airplanes for the commercial airline cartel that operates in restraint of trade) found here:

Northrup Grumman Corpse $16.8 billion in 2007 death deals. New York Stock Exchange symbol NOC. Their 2008 net income was negative $1.2 billion. More information on their role in building ships and planes for the purpose of slaughtering children found here:

General Dynamics Corpse $11.5 billion in 2007 death deals. NYSE symbol GD. Their 2008 revenues were $29.3 billion on which they made about $2.5 billion net income – profits from death. “Old men covered in blood. It never touched them but they’re drowning in it.” GD makes all kinds of electric boats (e.g., submarines) and fighters like the F16. They also make armored vehicles like the M1 tank. In addition to selling death to the USA military, they sell various products to foreign governments for slaughtering civilians and keeping the masses in perpetual slavery.

Raytheon Corpse $10.4 billion in 2007 death deals. NYSE symbol RTN. On $23.2 billion in 2008 revenues they made about $1.7 billion profits. These guys make actual missiles to actually slaughter civilians. And, you know, incoming missiles, the occasional military target. Maybe some little children when they get the opportunity. They also have an intelligence systems division that does spy equipment for the perverts who are watching you masturbate.

FBI pervert peeks out from keyboard

FBI pervert peeks out from keyboard

KBR Corpse $6 billion in 2007 death deals. NYSE symbol KBR. Looks like they made $319 million profit on 2008 revenues of $11.6 billion. (So, not very well managed for shareholders.)

These scum are actually slavers. They are accused of human trafficking in a case involving more than a dozen men, many of whom died in the care of KBR’s subcontractor. They are the filth that built the camp at Guantanamo to illegally and unconstitutionally detain and torture to death captives of the USA military.

KBR employees including Americans and those from other countries are deliberately put in harm’s way by the filthy scum who manage KBR. The management have gotten 81 of their people killed and 380 wounded as of June 2008.

The Army has charged KBR with shoddy electrical work apparently involved in the death by electrocution of some soldiers. KBR management revel in their role in slaughtering, judging by their conduct in these cases. Since they inspected a building and found electrical problems eleven months before one of the deaths, we must suppose that the KBR management wanted to leave the opportunity to kill a soldier by electrocution available as a possibility. Or maybe not killing anyone didn’t get their attention?

These filthy KBR scum were deeply connected to vicious tyrant Lyndon Johnson who slaughtered millions of people in Southeast Asia. KBR was there to screw over the soldier and enjoy profits from sketchy military contracts, judging by the results. They also have had a cushy relationship with vile villain Dick Cheney.

A KBR employee was gang raped in Iraq in 2005 according to sworn testimony before Congress. We must suppose that management knew of this incident and condoned it, judging by the character of their death dealing, mass murder supporting, civilian torturing and other vile sin related contracts.

As if a stunning array of bad behavior wasn’t already demonstrated, KBR was charged in 2009 with bribing Nigerian officials. Apparently they got involved in some scam where they were promised a $7.5 billion deal and all they had to do was bribe some key people with tens of millions of dollars. Weren’t they smart enough to click “delete” on the Nigerian scam e-mail? Guess not. They were convicted and order to pay over $400 million in fines. Nigeria has been butchering Christians, again. Isn’t that zany? Your tax dollars prop up a scum bag company like KBR that bribes Nigerians who use their power to slaughter religious minorities in their country, it seems.

Maybe the management of KBR should be put on trial for treason, for making war on the United States, for fraud, perjury, murder, manslaughter, rape, and other crimes against humanity. If convicted, the penalty of death by firing squad seems about right. Or let some trap doors fall open. Snap.

L3 Communist Holdings $5 billion in 2007 death deals. Oops, that should be L3 Communications. NYSE symbol LLL. $14 billion in 2007 revenues selling spy stuff to the USA equivalent of the Stasi, KGB, etc. One of the Ls stands for now-defunct Lehman Brothers. This conglomerate of spy agency contracts resulted from the huge merger of Lockheed and Martin back in 1997. Selling death since then.,_Inc.

United Technologies Corpse. $4.6 billion in 2007 death deals.

BAE Systems $4.5 billion in 2007 death deals.

SAIC $3.4 billion in 2007 death deals.

General Electric Corpse $2.9 billion in 2007 death deals.

Computer Sciences Corpse $2.8 billion in 2007 death deals. NYSE symbol CSC. Their 2008 revenue overall was $16.7 billion. More details here:

Humana Inc. $2.6 billion in 2007 death deals.

Health Net Corpse $2.1 billion in 2007 death deals.

Triwest Healthcare Alliance Corpse $2 billion in 2007 death deals

EDS $2 billion in 2007 death deals.

Pubic Warehousing Corpse KSC $1.8 billion in 2007 death deals.

ITT $1.7 billion in 2007 death deals.

Textron Corpse $1.7 billion in 2007 death deals.

Honeywell Corpse $1.5 billion in 2007 death deals.

URS Corpse $1.5 billion in 2007 death deals.

Harris Corpse $1.3 billion in 2007 death deals

Amerisource Bergen Corpse $1.3 billion in 2007 death deals.

Bechtel Group Corpse $1.3 billion in 2007 death deals.

FedEx Corpse $1.3 billion in 2007 death deals.

Alliant Techsystems Corpse $1.3 billion in 2007 death deals.

Booz Allen Hamilton Corpse $1.2 billion in 2007 death deals. We believe BAH, headquartered in McLean, Virginia, is a CIA contractor, as well as a defense death merchant. Privately held. If you work for them, quit. If you don’t quit, you have no honor.

BP PLCorpse $1.2 billion in 2007 death deals.

DRS Technologies Corpse $1.2 billion in 2007 death deals.

Exxon Mobil Corpse $1.2 billion in 2007 death deals.

Kuwait National Petroleum Corpse $1 billion in 2007 death deals.

The Alliance Contractor Team $1 billion in 2007 death deals.

Renco Corpse $1 billion in 2007 death deals.

MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings $1 billion in 2007 death deals.

The above 34 companies represent about $148 billion in sales to the defense department baby killing death machine. This figure is a bit less than half the $306 billion sold by the top 100 death merchants. I stopped here when the number ran below a billion (rounding up to the nearest tenth of a billion).

We’ll get the rest of those top 100, and others, on the blog as time goes on. Feel free to comment on any of these companies here, or on companies you think we should investigate for their involvement in bombing villages and slaughtering children in foreign countries – or in this one.

Divest from Death

12 August 2009 by

This essay originally appeared in 2009 in The Libertarian Enterprise at

Divestment Works
by Jim Davidson

Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

When I met Rick Maybury in July 2000 he was speaking at the world congress of the International Society for Individual Liberty. If you haven’t been to one, you should make plans to visit Panama next Summer. Sandy Sandfort and I are putting one together, and I think it’ll be a lot of fun.

Naturally, I was impressed by Rick. He’s sincere and principled. I very much like his two laws. They are simple and easy to remember. Law one, do all you say you’ll do. Law two, don’t trespass on anyone else’s person or property.

The world would indeed be a much better place if everyone adhered to these two laws. I think they are brief and well-stated, and that they represent ideas with which many cultures are in agreement. Though, since mankind have had 14,000 wars in the years between 3600 BC and AD 1984, and quite a few since then, it seems that agreement with good ideas is a long way from implementation.

Rick is also very insightful. I really want to like this guy, because he’s bright, witty, and skeptical. He knows all about the fraud of the Federal Reserve system. He knows that the system only has two choices—inflate like crazy and try to make some bubbles, or avoid inflation entirely and let the economy go through a real adjustment to get all the malinvestment out of the way. The middle ground, tried by Japan in the 1990s, won’t work.

His idea of looking for investment cones or bubbles is quite good. Bernoulli would certainly like this guy’s approach to mathematics. There is clearly the same thing going on when investors seek out cones and when a clipper ship adjusts its sails to the wind.

But there is a great huge rhinoceros turd in the living room. Here’s an example from his newsletter back when I still subscribed. March 2006 he writes, “I first suggested Magal Security Systems (MAGS, Nas) in 1996 at $8. … I still like it.” This example is not meant to convey any of Mr. Maybury’s current investment advice, since it is from 2006. My suspicion is that, at $4.27, even after some splits of the 105:100 sort, it isn’t that good a deal right now. Maybe he still likes it. But what do they do? They make security systems for the military. And they are only one of the military contractor companies which he’s recommended. I make the direct quote for the purpose of verisimilitude—I am not making up the idea that he’s pushing military contractor, also known as death merchant stocks.

He is. And he’s not changed his tune in many years. He’s not only pushing death merchant stocks, he’s proud of it. He thinks it is a brilliant idea.

My concern, of course, is that the military is slaughtering civilians all over the world. MAGS is an Israeli military contractor, too, and the Israelis have been quite aggressive about slaughtering unarmed non-combatants in the Gaza strip, and elsewhere.

I think investing in defense stocks is a terrible idea. Try gold or silver for physical delivery if you want a good deal with high return, low risk, and no danger of having blood on your hands. Or invest in education—a great many people are going to need to upgrade their skills in this economic depression as they look for work. Buy a farm and grow some food—there’s always a big market for food when people are starving.

The problem with investing in death merchants is, you get death with every dividend. When you invest in the military, you signify your desire for more of it. If enough people invest, you get more of it. And there are no clean wars. There are no wars without collateral casualties.

These wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and elsewhere have brought not only death and destruction, but direct assaults on American civil liberties. Investing in defense stocks is a way of saying, “I like the fact that the military contractors help the military and the CIA torture prisoners to death. I want less freedom and more authoritarian government.”

It is madness. Rick Maybury ought to be ashamed. He is wrong, dead wrong.

The answer is to divest. Stop investing in the military. Withhold your support. Don’t send your children into the military. Stop investing in the death merchants. Sell your defense contractor stocks. Resolve never to buy them again.

Divestment worked for the civil rights movement in the 1960s. Americans stopped investing in companies that supported the Jim Crow system of racial discrimination. Companies got the picture, and stopped being racist, or went under.

Divestment worked for the anti-apartheid movement in the 1980s. Americans and people around the world stopped investing in South African companies, and in those doing business there. The South African government ended its racist policies.

Divestment works. So, stop investing in evil. You want fewer wars this century, stop investing in military contractor companies. You want fewer death camps this century, stop investing in companies that support the current authoritarian regime. Put your money where your philosophy is.

Do it now.