Who are the expedient ones?


Jim Davidson takes on the cults of personality, the war mongers in libertarian clothing, and the death industry. Again.

About the campaign for “liberty” is found here:

The Libertarian Enterprise


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2 Responses to “Who are the expedient ones?”

  1. reverent1 Says:

    The question remains.. Have you found the solution ?

  2. Jim Davidson Says:

    You mean, a solution for politicians and bureau-rats? They are a fat soluble organic compound. I think you can get reasonably good results dissolving them in ten percent nitric acid, if that’s what you mean. Your mileage (and solution) may vary.

    If you mean do I have a substitute for the shifting sands of expedience, then the answer is yes, I do. The solid bedrock of principle.

    For my own part, I am building a stairway to the planets and star systems of the universe. Therefore I am not able to build upon the shifting sands of expedience. The difficulties of building any long term structure amidst the interminable and incoherent political change has caused some to cloister themselves in the groves of academe and others to cloister themselves in the cloisters of religion. And still very little progress toward the human settlement of the Solar system has been made.

    The path forward has been understood for well over 2,500 years. When mankind are prepared to give up the ring of power, it will cease to corrupt their spirits.

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