Anti-war Tax


The senator Carl Levin and the congress critter David Obey both want to add taxes to fund the war in Afghanistan, and presumably the one in Iraq, and any other war they come up with. John Murtha and Barney Frank seem to be agreeable to this idea. Of course, none of these cowardly scum is willing to have Congress declare war.

I have a modest proposal, instead. There are companies that profit from these wars. Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR), Halliburton, Boeing, Lockheed, Blackwater, General Electric, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) – the list goes on and on. Check the second post on this WordPress blog to find a partial listing. Feel free to volunteer time to help update and extend that listing.

My modest proposal is to tax the cash of these companies 100%. Take all their ready money away from them. Also, tax their income 100%. If the war is so important to them, they can supply the war machine as non-profits. Also, tax their senior management and their directors and any stockholder owning more than 5% of the company by taking 100% of their incomes and 100% of their property. Let them become monks.

For example this guy: David J. Lesar

Take all his money. His home in Houston. All his assets. If he’s committed to the war effort, he’ll continue to work after being stripped of everything he owns. His salary was apparently $1.3 million in 2007 and he made total compensation of something like $17 million that year, if I understand the wikipedia entry above.

There are hundreds of people like him working for the death merchant companies. They can give up all their wealth, all their property, everything they own. If they want the war to continue, it is on them, not us.

They gained the benefits from the first 8 years of the war (so far) and they can pay the costs of the next 8 years. And if they won’t consent to these terms, the USA government can send Predator drones to bomb their homes and slaughter their children, for a change.

How’s that sound?


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One Response to “Anti-war Tax”

  1. Jim Davidson Says:

    I wonder if his home is here:
    4 Leaf Tower #5110
    Houston, TX has the resident there in the right age range. Isn’t it fun how easy it is to find information on people?

    Be nice, though. Candle light vigils you know. Don’t upset his family.

    Here are more executives of Halliburton, for example.

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