No Good Wars


Bring the troops home from Germany and Japan – World War Two is over, and it was horrid.

Presenting the case that there are no good wars, Robert Higgs writes about World War Two on History News Network. Here is the link.

Here is a brief excerpt.

    In this war, the belligerents plumbed new depths of depravity: operation of mass-destruction death camps, torture of every conceivable kind, terror bombing and other attacks systematically aimed at civilian populations, crowned by the gratuitous atomic bombing of two large, defenseless cities. I am aware that some people still defend some of these heinous actions, but in my mind nothing the war achieved can justify them. Indeed, I seriously doubt that anything can justify them. Yet such wanton, barbaric cruelties were deeply woven into the fabric of the war’s conduct from its earliest days. One is scarcely engaging in moral equivalence if one concludes that neither side represented “the good guys.” There was plenty of evil to go around.

There are no good wars. And it is long past time to bring the troops home. All of them. Let Europeans defend Europe. Let Japanese defend Japan.



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