Do No Harm?


Doctors swear an oath to do no harm to the people in their care. In Western tradition, this oath goes back to Hippocrates. It is meant to ensure that doctors act only in the best positive interests of their patients. But it doesn’t mean a thing to the doctors who work for the CIA.

    In April, a leaked report from the International Committee of the Red Cross found that medical staff employed by the CIA had been present during waterboarding, and had even used what appeared to be a pulse oxymeter, placed on the prisoner’s finger to monitor his oxygen saturation during the procedure. The Red Cross condemned such activities as a “gross breach of medical ethics”. PHR has based its accusation of possible experimentation on the 2004 report of the CIA’s own inspector general into the agency’s interrogation methods, which was finally published two weeks ago after pressure from the courts.

The Guardian reports the above information at this link:

The group referenced above as PHR is Physicians for Human Rights. They argue that the CIA’s doctors are engaging in medical experimentation to see just how far they can torture people before they die or become unconscious. Obviously, the correct punishment for such behavior is to torture the doctors involved to the exact same extent, but without doctors present. (You wouldn’t want to have more doctors down the same path.) Since that won’t happen, perhaps preventing such doctors from ever practicing medicine, tattooing their war crime on their forehead for all future patients to see, or death by execution should be considered.

A press release from PHR is found here:

Among other concerns they voice, “It is profoundly unsettling to learn of the central role of health professionals in laying a foundation for US government lawyers to rationalize the CIA’s illegal torture program.”

What can you do about it? Today you can sell any stocks you own which relate to companies selling or doing business with the CIA or the USA military. You can direct your pension fund or 401K manager to do the same.

Gold seems to be going up nicely. Perhaps you should sit out the current market mania and buy gold and silver with your money. Or gold mining stocks. Casey Research has plenty of good stock picks. We cannot advise you how to invest your money for best results, because only you know what is best for you. But there are plentiful alternatives to investments in companies that support torture, the slaughter of children, and the imperial death machine.


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