Contagious Love


I had an opportunity to meet Josh Stieber and Conor Curran. These two gentlemen are actually very gentle, kind, and considerate men.

You can read more about their ideas and intentions here:

And they have posted other material on that same site. I think the explanation of why they chose to act as they did is important. It is important to understand what motivates a person to choose the path of war.

It is also important to understand how someone engaged in war, as a warrior, can choose the path of peace. This choice is an available moral choice. These young men took the path of peace.

And here we are. Each of us here today looking at these words on our screen as an individual has a bunch of choices to take. It is like a huge grocery store and there are a zillion things you can put in your cart. Only you know what you can afford, what you can stand, what your tastes are, and what you want to cook up when you get that stuff back home.

By analogy then, you have moral choices. Not just one or two, but zillions. Every action you take can be made on moral grounds.

That’s important, because your actions have consequences. So if you choose a path of love, a path of peace, a path that results in making the world better, those choices affect other people around you, inspire their choices, and may bring all kinds of benefit to you. Many choices you have available to you bring direct remuneration for your work or your ideas. Some choices bring about love, a sense of community, or a spiritual fulfillment that is not quantified in money.

You may also choose a path of war, of anger, of hatred. You may draw a line that encircles “your kind” and excludes “their kind” and make war. You may accept the lines on maps drawn by other men and women. You may choose to kill those who are “other.”

I don’t recommend these choices. But they exist, and to ignore them is to suggest that they are irrelevant or never selected. Of course we know they are often selected.

At this site, we also ask you to examine the choices you have made, or which may have been made on your behalf by your pension fund or 401K manager, to take profits from death. Even companies like FedEx and Microsoft which contract with the military may not be dealing death directly, but are facilitating it in some way. Examine these choices in the stock market, just as you examine other choices in your life.

Do you really want to buy software or an operating system from a company that supports the military in its war effort? I don’t. I don’t use their stuff. I don’t invest in their companies. I don’t want to be a part of that thing. If the profits come from war and death, I don’t want them in my portfolio.

Clean up your act. Learn about other choices. Consider the path of these two men who are bicycling across the country and visiting with people.

Choose love. Choose peace. Choose happiness. Choose intentionally.

Following orders is for ants.



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