Checked out and approved


Eric Pavao is still working on his first essay for this blog.

Meanwhile, I wanted to post his comment from the Facebook note that started this project back in June.

“My personal line is that I don’t know of any government contracts or reliance on government of any kind by the company. And, after I’ve done my due diligence on my potential investment, if I am still comfortable investing (and I still want to invest) I do. Sure it isn’t fool proof. For instance I’ve seen people in military uniforms in line at a chain restaurant that I own shares in, but nothing is 100% and this restaurant doesn’t have any contracts with any government agency. I will not invest in a company that contracts with government for any reason, like say Raytheon or Lockheed Martin. Some companies like shoe manufacturers aren’t as clear cut, but if you must invest in a shoe manufacturer, why not invest in a one that doesn’t supply the military rather than one that does?”

Here are the stocks he mentioned.


These are apparently companies he has checked out to be sure they aren’t defense contractors.

Obviously, if you find any information on any of these companies to indicate they are government contractors, please let us know in the comments section. Thanks!

If you know of other companies that are not gov’t contractors, please feel free to comment. We are only listing publicly traded companies at this time because of the concern about liquidity – the main reason to invest in a publicly traded stock is the ability to cash out quickly if things go awry.

I’ve taken the liberty of alphabetising his list.

Divest from Death does not recommend any of these stocks. We do not have any positions in these stocks as a group. (We don’t have any money as a group.) Eric Pavao has positions in these stocks.

The information here is simply that these stocks are not baby killing death merchants selling death machines to the military, as far as we know.



One Response to “Checked out and approved”

  1. Jim Davidson Says:

    If your money is a way in which you vote in the free market, then consider voting against war and death. Vote for peace, freedom, and life.

    That’s the main point of this blog. We don’t say you’ll make more money selling your death merchant stocks and buying companies that don’t deal in death. Maybe you’ll make less money. But won’t it feel better?

    Do you really want to profit from death? Consider the mangled bodies of those who are blown to bits by the death merchants or their machines. If you still want to profit from bloodshed, go from us. We seek neither your counsel nor your money. May your chains set heavily upon you, may the deaths you have funded with your investments weigh upon your conscience, and may your manacles chafe and bind. (Sam Adams was far too conciliatory.)

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